Positive Communications has worked extensively in the health sector supporting initiatives which made a difference to patients. Companies we have worked with include BUPA Wellness, Nuada Medical, Harley Street Direct, The Independent Doctors’ Forum, Re:Cognition, Health, The London Endocrine Clinic, MedTel, Our NHS, The London Day Surgery Centre and The Birkdale Centre for Neuro Physiotherapy. Controversially, we were involved with the worldwide cloning announcement for Dr Panos Zavos and developed campaigns for UK fertility experts including Man Not Included and The Rainsbury Fertility Clinic.


In the optical field Tracy worked for Hydron (then part of Allergan) and was responsible for the launch of its coloured and toric contact lenses. She also launched LaserVision in the UK which was the first private laser eye clinic to open in the UK, and subsequently worked with The Cataract Clinic.