How we communicate

Public relations

Public relations is a method of communications which can shape and maintain the image of a company, organisation or individual in the eyes of a client’s various ‘publics’

Who are these ‘Publics’? At Positive Communications we define a ‘public’ as anyone who will form an opinion about a client. Depending on the nature of a client’s work, these publics could include their clients, potential clients, patients, doctors, voters, members of a local community, members of the media, patient groups …the list is endless.

Public relations success requires a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of each the client’s many publics and as public relations professionals we need to know how to effectively address their concerns using the most powerful tool in the PR armory – publicity – to encourage the press to carry positive stories about your company, your products or services.

In many cases, the chief duty of the public relations professional is to create press releases, which are sent to targeted members of the media. But to limit the scope of the public relations definition to publicity alone would be to underestimate the influence and reach of PR.

So much more than PR….

Professional relations and advocacy

Positive Communications is accomplished at developing and maintaining relationships with people; harnessing their skills and linking them with clients – be they from representative organisations, key opinion leaders or professional associations. Networking is the key to the success of many of Positive’s campaigns and without good contacts where would any good PR be?

Conference and event organisation

The Positive team has developed considerable experience organising and staging original and compelling product launches, events, educational conferences, exhibitions and seminars, as well as the development of the promotional campaigns needed to encourage good attendance. As Professional Conference Organisers we work to attract sponsors, delegates and speakers as well as sourcing and liaising with venues, caterers, technicians and other support services.


As well as our communications skills, we have been responsible for the research, planning, development and implementation of marketing plans for a wide range of organisations from small start-up companies to large academic institutions. Tracy and her associates’ experience in the marketing disciplines range from direct mail, advertising, sponsorship, event creation and management, website development, internal communications, crisis management and reputation management – all of which have been successful in raising awareness and driving demand.


Tracy has produced numerous articles for the press and has written two books; Health for Life, published by Ebury Press and two editions of Children’s Ealing, and edited a third about the Zone Diet for Dr Barry Sears to make it suitable for the UK market. In addition, Positive Communications specialises in writing copy for websites, brochures, emailshots, sales material and advertising.

Promotional Materials

Positive Communications has been responsible for developing a raft of marketing material for clients including websites, newsletters, magazines, brochures, product leaflets, give away items, exhibition stands … you name it, we have created it.

Multi media

As more sophisticated methods of communication are sought, Positive Communications has worked on a number of multi-media programmes for clients to run on websites or other electronic means. In addition, the company has created websites, webinars and interactive educational programmes for a number of clients. We also work on social media and buzz marketing campaigns.

Spreading the word

More recently, Positive Communications has expanded its skills to include securing retail sales coverage for clients’ products, setting up sales teams, striving for professional and representative approval for products and obtaining professional product accreditation.

Collaboration and networking

In short, Positive Communications is skilled at matching clients’ needs with those of complementary organisations to develop seamless communications programmes across a number of complementary marketing disciplines; to create websites, educational materials, instructive and promotional programmes. We have considerable experience obtaining sponsorship for events and products for the mutual benefit of clients and commercial organisation.