Our clients speak volumes for us

British Dental Health Foundation
….You’re v. good at what you do + frankly the quality out there amongst even the big agencies charging 3 x times your rate just isn’t there. Its Emperor’s new clothes syndrome where the belief is that if you pay a top agency top dollar you get top results: wrong! What you get is a ‘girlie’ who’ll be gone in 8 months and an empty wallet.
- Simon Howell, Director of Campaigns

Philips Oral Healthcare
A HUGE thank you for pulling off another successful launch at the show. The numbers are looking great and it is no doubt the best show we have done to date. This really will springboard us into what I hope will be a successful end to the year. Many thanks again…..the leftovers from the press bags have gone down very well in the office….the biscuits are real hit!
- Carina Leney, Marketing Manager

British Dental Homeopathic Society
Thank you…the course went really well…I have had a couple of emails saying how much they enjoyed the day. I really appreciate the work both Catherine and yourself put into the organisation to make the course such a success.
- Phil Wander Chairman British Dental Homeopathic Society

Global Oral Care
Working under such pressure, with big demands to super-tight deadlines is a true test of talent, flexibility and resilience. You and Catherine delivered on all of these, with an ambitious “can do” attitude tempered with necessary realism. Professionalism and integrity are ingrained in you both and the support you have provided is what has enabled us to deliver successfully yesterday, and gives me full confidence in the follow-up. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you both, thank you.
– Monica Carlisle, Unilever, Expertise & Authority – Global Oral Care

Clinical Innovations Conference

Prof Edward Lynch

I have given lectures all over the world and experienced and endured the work of dozens of conference organisers, so it is refreshing that Positive Communications made the experience of speaking at the Clinical Innovations Conference two years running a completely stress free experience. They treated me with respect, anticipated my needs and provided me with all the information I needed – before I asked for it. If only others could be so proactive and professional.
- Prof Edward Lynch

Thanks so much for your hard work we couldn’t do these shows without your attention to detail
- Laura Mackenzie, Marketing Manager for Clinical Innovations Conference

For the record I am delighted we are working with you and appreciate your good work
– Michael Seriki, Director for Clinical Innovations Conference

Oral Healthcare for People Living with Cancer, University College London and Eastman Dental Institute

I would like to congratulate you once again for organising an excellent programme on Oral Health for People living with Cancer. The day was full of useful information on the subject.
- Prof Crispian Scully, Director [Special Projects] UCL-EDI, Eastman.

As one of the speakers I felt very well taken care of; even printing the boarding pass during a busy day was done efficiently and, above all, with a smile!
Such apparently little things make a meeting quite special.
- Isaäc van der Waal

Many thanks for your highly efficient work during the ‘Scully’ meeting in London last Friday.
- JHM Prof. J.H. Meurman M.D., Dr.Odont., Dr.h.c. (multi) Professor, Head Physician

Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did. I enjoyed the meeting very much; everything was very well organised.
- Judith Raber-Durlacher, past President International Society of Oral Oncology

Dental Practice Business Consultant – Laura Horton

LH_blog Don’t you just love Twitter? I do!

This week’s customer service experience began with a tweet I wrote. I am an avid supporter and user of Sonicare products; I love them. Many years ago I used an Oral B toothbrush but from the first moment I used a Sonicare I have never gone back!

I was once given another Oral B to try, the rep wanted to convince me but it was only on for a matter of seconds before the noise drove me nuts! Last weekend my toothbrush broke; it was making a slight noise but it wasn’t working at all. So on Monday I tweeted about it! I said that I was glad that we don’t pay full price as dental professionals as this current model was already a replacement, which had been sent to me in March 2011.

Around the same time as tweeting I called CTS Dental Supplies who gave me the number for Philips. I called and left a message. An hour or so later my call was returned and a message left (I was driving).

From the tweet, I was then contacted by email by Tracy Posner, who works for Philips as a Professional PR Consultant. Part of her role is to ensure that people have a good opinion of Philips and that involves monitoring what is said about the company and rectifying things if there appears to be a problem.

Tracy gave me the contact details of a lady called Sharon. This is the same lady that had returned my call so promptly the day before (I hadn’t had a spare second to call back during working hours!) I called Sharon and said “hi Sharon, my name’s Laura Horton and I need to talk to you about my Sonicare”.

Sharon straight away said hi and that she was glad that I called. She wanted my address to send me a replacement and they were also upgrading me to the DiamondClean brush, previously I had been using the FlexCare +. Sharon also went over a few things with me, as I was concerned it was my fault that the brush was breaking. She was really friendly and reassured me I was doing the same as her with regards to charging the brush.

This call took place around 11am on the Thursday of that week. By 10am the next day I had my new brush delivered to me!

Not long after it arrived Tracy then emailed checking that everything was OK. How else could I reply, except to say that although there had been a problem the way they solved it was perfect and that Sharon was very friendly and helpful.

Thank you Twitter, thank you Tracy and Sharon! Laura Loves good customer service!

So does the press

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