Positive Communications has developed an expertise in the crossover between health and wellbeing as a result of work with companies such as Philips AVENT for whom we promote baby feeding and wellness and are currently involved with a breastfeeding study with the Institute of Child Health. Our expertise in the dental market led to a campaign to promote Philips Healthcare’s defibrillators to the profession.

We organised the book launch of a definitive guide to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which sold 3 million copies worldwide and helped Mars and Venus author Dr John Gray launch a diet product range for the UK. The star studded launch of Fabyouless Card – the UK’s leading beauty, hair and fitness card was another highlight for the company.

We have promoted Slimfast, a leading dietary supplement and most recently worked towards the launch the Zone Diet and product range created by Dr Barry Sears by the European market leading company Enervit. We have just edited a book written by Dr Sears as a precursor to the UK launch. We were also asked to support the launch of Enervit’s sports nutrition range which is particularly successful for endurance sports enthusiasts and are currently establishing a retail presence for both brands.